Name of Technology

LRAD System(One Voice)

Model type : LRAD-Disaster Warning Broadcast Speaker
Dish shaped 360 degrees speaker-This omnidirectional speaker Exact in the shaded area voice full range of speakers information the coastal region and 60 degrees on the horn speaker system speakers by adding the precise voice information.
The Valley of the earthquake and tsunami, typhoons, floods, torrential rain, existing warning system, in case of disaster is not delivered the message is clear to the gacheongja not quickly respond to disasters.And do a lot of life and property damage and lead to broadcasting system that does not get hung up on time and space is still assigned to solve.
As a speaker for the next generation of disaster warning for disaster prevention, special speaker for disaster broadcasting service, the implementation of the existing driver that it applied mechanics, as the acuity of sound that can not be.Dramatically driving up the pressure.



USD Unknown



Lumin Corp.

3F LUMIN B/D. 127-6 Juam-Dong, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea





Early Warning System  



Gathering and sharing information

Private information is not collected when collecting location information, no extra cost occurs since wireless data network is utilized. Expense is about 10% of existing system establishment by using software instead of hardware, which makes it economical and efficient.




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