Name of Technology

National Nuclear Energy Disaster Management System, AtomCARE

Model type : Other
Remote Comprehensive Surveillance System to monitor security of nuclear power plant in realtime 24/7
Related signals delivered from 21 domestic nuclear plants, such as radiation, plant temperature, wind direction and wind speed surrounding the plant, etc. is verifiable at a glance. It was designed in 1993 to quickly evacuate local residents in radiation leak accidents.
  • Monitor secure operation of nuclear plant in realtime continuously and verify accident occurrence promptly once accident outbreaks to protect the public from radioactive substances.
  • Collect and analyze 2000~3000 data including temperature pressure, power supply status, etc. in all 21 nuclear plants in Korea through data circuit. In case of malfunctioning, deliver message through mobile phone to Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety Response team and Ministry of Education and Science Tech.
  •  Nuclear substance leak diagnosis is done based on information collected in abnormal conditions, in order to deduct damage anticipated area through geographical information and meteorological information. Also, it is compared with actual radioactive substance calculation value to support appropriate disaster prevention countermeasures.



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Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety

62 Science Rd. Yousung-Gu Daejeon. Zipcode 34142, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety









Gathering and sharing information

It is efficiently utilized in various training such as combined training, joint training, radioactivity prevention training, etc.
It is utilized in training; Meteorological data is collected to analyze and predict situation for emergency response and residents evacuation.




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