Name of Technology

Realtime Disaster On-site Video Transmission System

Model type : BPSN-B402-R Outdoors Camera
HD High-definition videos input from various IP cameras are transmitted to Video Surveillance Center(Command Situation Room) through wireless LTE router, in order to monitor on-site in realtime, and control the field effectively once disaster outbreaks. It is a highly advanced data transmission system.
  • Command system through effective remote decision making structure for various disaster/damage is compulsory.
  • Prompt rescue system and minimizing damage through utilization of advanced IT technology on-site response is compulsory.
  • Realtime imagery transmission from camera installed on vehicles.
  • Realtime imagery transmission through mobile/compact device(Portable Camera) in situations when vehicles cannot access to the field.
  • Realtime monitoring/saving/searching of transmitted videos.
  • HD high-definition video transmission through LTE network.
  • Data protection through server and SSL-VPN.
  • Scramble processing about enough to verify video contents of security applied videos.
  • Audio data in Scramble video is also secured(silent).
  • Authorized designated person receives disable security key, which the key restores the video into original status.



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Emersys Corp.

512 Gil Daeduk-Daero, Yousung-Gu Daejeon-Si 20, 308호(Doryong-dong 3-1, Daejeon CT Center)




CCTV   Broadcast  

Evacuation System   etc.  



Assessing and forecasting situation

Send realtime video of a vehicle on a disaster site to the 119 integrated situation room in order to establish comprehensive and systematic disaster countermeasure structure when massive disaster outbreaks.




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