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    Flood Risk Map in Sukagawa

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    Implement Flood Forecast·Warning using Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Rainfall Radar and T/M data. Comprehensive flood management is implemented in Foundation of River & Basin Integrated Communication.   more

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    Improving Heat-Related Health Outcomes System in an Urban Environment

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    An urban heat island (UHI) is an urban area or metropolitan area that is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities. The temperature difference usually is larger at night than during the day, and is most apparent when winds are weak. UHI is most noticeable during the summer and winter. The main cause of the urban heat island effect is from the modification of la..   more

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    Remote Water Level/Rainfall Observation System

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    Remote Water Level System collects and analyzes observed data from stream water level sensor in order to display water level information to users in realtime. Remote Rainfall Observation System is to provide waterfall information to the users through meteorological observation system and rainfall status board to the users.   more

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    Disasters Voice Alarm System

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    This Disasters Voice Alarm System is a situation dissemination system which delivers appropriate alarms in accordance with each regional specifics as well as administrative information, which is connectable with existing automatic rainfall alarm system, RDS system, town amplifier, etc.   more

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    LRAD System(One Voice)

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    Dish shaped 360 degrees speaker-This omnidirectional speaker Exact in the shaded area voice full range of speakers information the coastal region and 60 degrees on the horn speaker system speakers by adding the precise voice information.   more

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    National Nuclear Energy Disaster Management System, AtomCARE

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    Remote Comprehensive Surveillance System to monitor security of nuclear power plant in realtime 24/7     more

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    Realtime Disaster On-site Video Transmission System

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    HD High-definition videos input from various IP cameras are transmitted to Video Surveillance Center(Command Situation Room) through wireless LTE router, in order to monitor on-site in realtime, and control the field effectively once disaster outbreaks. It is a highly advanced data transmission system.   more

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    Disaster Pre-symptom Information Management System(DPI-CS)

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    Collect and analyze various disaster pre-symptom data from human disaster excluding traffic and conflagration, in order to establish decision making structure for deciding hazard levels     more

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    Linkable Automatic Dash Pot

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    Large force is formed by operating double link using fluid pressure through two hydraulic cylinder. Enormous inert matter is easily eliminated since double link structure holds the lake stably from tilting to a side. It is a fully automatic dash pot operated through rail-drive automatic program to circle around each watercourse   more

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    Cutting Robot to Dismantle Nuclear Plants

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    It's a cutting robot that dismantles nuclear equipments, that cuts and ambulate inside a structure in multi-directions like a mole.     more

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    Tropical Climate/Ground Water-Resilient Freshwater Resource

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    Dependancy on ground water to supplement agricultural water and domestic water is expected to increase highly in tropical areas, where over 50% of global population will be residing in by 2015. Long-term usage of ground water in tropical areas can generate unbalance when torrential rain exceeds recharge of ground water.     more

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    Green Roofs for Flood Reduction and Prevention

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    Flood prediction and numerical simulation research discusses about rain absorbtion ability of green roofs, and proposes how to effectively reduce flood through green roofs, to contribute to researches and policy related to green infrastructure. Green roofs absorb rain by planting plants on the rooftop. It is used throughout Europe as it's space-friendly and relatively easy to use.     more

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    Realtime Heat Wave Determination Map System

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    This invention is on realtime heat wave determination map system and its use. More specifically, realtime measurement of meteorological data is used to prevent heat wave. It is an assessment platform service that collects and analyzes individual heat wave exposure in realtime to estimate individual's health status.     more

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    Realtime Live Channel of Mt.Aso Crater

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    The Aso Volcano Disaster Prevention Council and Dept of Environment regularized poisonous gas measures since 1994, making Mt.Aso Volcanic gas safety measures council in 1997 to carry out evacuation measures and regulate access. Currently, six automated gas measuring sets are installed near crater, to restrict tourist access when gas concentration exceeds a certain standard.     more

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    Unmanned Forest Fire Control System in Sejong-Si

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    Heat image camera can analysis temperature distribution and smoke, and flame figure dynamic specifics from 2km away simultaneously. It detects conflagration fast and accurately in mountainous areas where visual identification is limited. Realtime data collected by heat image camera is sent to Sejong Fire department and city integrated center to prevent forest fire in advance     more