Name of the Project

GIS Application Plan for National Territorial Disaster Prevention Build-Up

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Disaster prevention GIS basis is organized in medium-term in order to prevent duplicated establishment and usage of disaster prevention GIS data.
Also, disaster prevention GIS data circulation system is composed to expedite disaster prevention GIS system for different disasters such as inundation, earthquakes, landslide, forest fire, etc. and complex disasters.
As a measure to establish national territorial disaster prevention, GIS is used for disaster prevention.
For this, methods for integrated utilization of disaster prevention GIS data for main disasters that has high utilization of GIS will be proposed in the first year. GIS and advanced information technology will be used in the second year in order to propose intellectual urban disaster prevention information system build-up model to contribute to information-oriented disaster prevention.
Research Range
  • Spatial range: Whole nation
  • Target range: Six disasters of "Emergency Safety Management Fundamental Law" that has high usage of GIS
  • Content range: Integrated application method of disaster prevention GIS data



USD Unknown

2014-12-01 ~ 2020-12-31


Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement

1591-6(431-712) Gwanyang-Dong Dongan-Gu, Anyang-Si, Kyungido


Park Jong Taek





Damage Analysis



Gathering and sharing information

Based on the disaster prevention GIS build-up plan proposed in this study, application range of GIS will expand to various disaster prevention fields from its current usage in flood and fire protection to build basis for national disaster prevention.
It will contribute to intellectualization of national territory for stabilized life and secured national territory build-up.
Local government reviewed disaster prevention high-tech information system build-ups necessary for urban disaster prevention tasks using urban informatization.
Also, disaster prevention related agencies such as National Geographic Information Institute, National Weather Service, National Statistical Office, etc. must seek cooperation plans for joint build-up and application to participate in disaster prevention information system acceleration project.






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