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    Strengthening student safety management capacity (The Korea Ministry of Education)

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    Following a series of catastrophic events like earthquakes in Gyeongju and Pohang as well as fires in Jaecheon Sport Center and Saejong Hospital, school disaster preparedness has been identified as one of the key areas in strengthening community resilience. To address such needs, school safety education and training curriculum should cover both conceptual learning and experience based practical a..   more

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    Songpa Solar Nanum(Sharing) Power Plant

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    The Songpa District Office (hereinafter referred as Office) has decided to install the Songp Solar Nanum in consultation with the Energy Peace Foundation (a non-profit organization) in February 2009. Currently, there are four plants located in Goheung, Jeonnam province (2009), Ulseong, North Gyeongsang province (2010) and two plants at the Zero-Waste park (2012, 2013). It costed a total of 8.1 bi..   more

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    Songpa District Climate Change Experience (Renewable Energy)

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    Developed various greenhouse gas reduction projects based on climate change response plan Informed and supported setting up a 1,071 kW scale private solar installation at 1,621 locations (single housing and public housing) in 2017 Set up a 20 kW scale solar installation at the Songpa-gu Public Health Center and contributed to enhancing energy self-sufficiency in 2017 Plans to expand inst..   more

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    Songpa Safety Experience Center (ISAFESCHOOL)

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    Due to large-scale traffic accidents and disasters, public awareness on safety has increased more than ever. Songpa district has established its own safety experience center (also known as ISAFESCHOOL), which is a four-storey building with both indoor and outdoor training facilities. The center has been officially opened in March 2018.   In the aftermath of catastrophic “Sealand Yout..   more

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    Global Educational Network for Emergency Resilience and Training Excellence(GENERATE)

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    The world is increasingly vulnerable to emergencies, because of climate change, population growth and aging, urbanization, and other factors. Although the immediate effects of disasters and emergencies are often local, this is an internationa..   more

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    ASSET (Action plan in Science in Society in Epidemics and Total pandemics) is an EU funded, 48 month Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Action Plan (MMLAP) project.

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    In a globalized and interconnected worldlike the one we live in, infectious diseases can spread much faster and more easily than they used to do. It worked combining public health, vaccine and epidemiological research, social and political sciences, law and ethics, gender studies, science communication and media, in order to develop an integrated, transdisciplinary, strategy for pandemic and ..   more

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    Study on High Resolution Satellite Video Based Automatic Damage Computation System Development

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    Local manpower is sent to carry out damage scale verification from natural disasters manually. However, limited labor and time demanding handwork brings problems. Therefore, Automatic Damage Computation System has been developed to effectively support inundation damage research. CVA(Change Vector Analysis) and DNDVI(Differential Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) algorithm mainly utilized fo..   more

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    Seismic Fragility of Water Supply Facilities

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    Damage step of water supply facilities is divided into performance of function and collapse prevention, and fragility function for overseas actual earthquakes and Korea artificial earthquakes is deducted in accordance with each maximum ground acceleration. Damage step and ground acceleration are used to deduct and compare fragility curves in accordance with water supply facilities's seismic ..   more

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    Impacts of climate change on future flood damage on the river Meuse, with a distributed uncertainty analysis

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    Flood-risk assessments are an objective and quantitative basis for implementing harmonized flood mitigation policies at the basin scale. However, the generated results are subject to different sources of uncertainty arising from underlying assumptions, data availability and the random nature of the phenomenon. These sources of uncertainty are likely to bias conclusions because they are irregularl..   more

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    National Drought Management Information System Establishment

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    Domestic drought countermeasures depend highly on emergency recovery planning rather than prior countermeasures. Our society is prospected to face more vulnerable environment for drought due to population growth and economic acceleration. Also, abnormal climate will put us into unfavorable drought conditions. Systematic and structural drought reduction countermeasures and integrated drought mana..   more

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    GIS Application Plan for National Territorial Disaster Prevention Build-Up

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    Disaster prevention GIS basis is organized in medium-term in order to prevent duplicated establishment and usage of disaster prevention GIS data. Also, disaster prevention GIS data circulation system is composed to expedite disaster prevention GIS system for different disasters such as inundation, earthquakes, landslide, forest fire, etc. and complex disasters.     more

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    ICT Based Disaster Response SOC Facility Management

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    Current technology trend will be introduced mainly focusing on ICT convergence technology and "Multi Scenario based Disaster Response Decision Making Support System" case developed by Korea Institute of Construction Technology which is applied in various forms related to disasters in main countries around the world as a technology innovation as mentioned in the report card.   more

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    Philippines Metro Manila Flood Early Warning and Monitoring System Establishment Project

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    This project is to expand effectiveness verified through second project. It includes Tullahan, Pasig-Marikina river basin. It is composed of basic planning and design including river flood analysis, river research and system establishment, parameter calculation and CAL/VAL, numeric model establishment, equipment provision(rain gauge, rainfall observation, CCTV, communication equipment, etc.)   more

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    Nepal Information Disaster Recovery Center Establishment Project

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    This "Nepal Information Disaster Recovery Center Establishment" project has been Mproceeded since 2013 by KOICA considering specific environments Nepal is exposed to including natural disasters such as earthquakes. The project is to provide back-up system operation system for existing "Nepal Information Integration Data Center" with support of KOICA in order to minimize public..   more

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    Fundamental Research for Development of Disaster Information Map Standards Visualization Model

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    Integrated Disaster Map composition is a main project. It is hard to recognize the necessity of integrated utilization and infrastructure although it should be used as the fundamental resource for composing disaster map for effective disaster prevention and disaster reduction planning establishment. This study is to provide specific means for integrated utilization and disaster information map st..   more