Title of the Case Study

Landslide and Mudflow in Khatlon Province of Tajikistan

Khatlon Province of Tajikistan


19 flash floods 2 mudslides,20 people died,7,400 affected people,1,200ha land loss, 1,300 livestock killed



Heavy rains on 11-12 Apr caused floods and landslides in Vose, Shurobod, and Hamadony districts and in Kulob city in the south of Tajikistan, Storage buildings, stocks for cooking/heating (e.g. firewood), cooking utensils and bedding/clothes of the most affected households were damaged or destroyed and 301 heads of livestock were lost. One medical center and 80 hectares of land were also affected. Vegetable gardens of the most affected households and crop fields were covered in mud. 280 displaced people (mainly children and women), have been relocated from the most affected communities due to the risk of mudflows/landslides to the boarding school.
The absence of geographic information for rapid determination on landslide causes, damages, damage scale according to size. The absence of a decision support tool for establishing scientific restorati
Identify damage scale due to landslides utilizing on-site photos, satellite images, aerial images. Select restoration priority area comparing the before and after landslide images. Support rapid disaster recovery plan establishment using earthquake maps and satellite images.
  • Rapid disaster recovery plan establishment using landslide maps and satellite images.
  • Restoration regional priorities according to the degree of landslide damage
  • Induct international disaster recovery assistance through distribution of websi.te introduction and related materials.
  • Calculate damage scale by filing geographic information with landslide affected areas.
ntroduce disaster damage cases and disaster observation utilizing satellite image - International Charter. Typhoon damage observation and mapping using satellite images - GeoInformatics Center



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